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How to Cut Your Hair at Home (for Men!)


Hair is one of the essential things that will improve your physical appearance, most especially for men. As you have noticed, men who are not bald look more youthful than the ones with no hair at all. This is because hair can be styled in many different ways, making them look good and trendy. Moreover, men with good hair often feel more confident to do the tasks and face different obstacles because they are secure that their hair is intact and will not let them down.

However, it has been a big problem for some men to maintain good hair if they don't have enough time and money to achieve their desired look. Given that men are seen by society as the ones who are responsible for working and provide for their families, it may be a hassle for them to free their schedule just to get a haircut.  

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If you are one of them, you might be wondering how you can maintain or trim your hair without going to a salon. Has it ever crossed your mind to do a self-haircut? This is something that you should try and not be afraid of doing because cutting your own hair is easy if you know how to cut your hair at home with the use of hair clippers. 

Can You Cut Your Own Hair at Home?

Yes. It is totally possible to do a self haircut, and the outcome can't just be a so-so if you know the ways to do it perfectly. If you try it yourself, it will save you from any salon costs and other inclusive expenses when you get your hair done. 

However, you should not expect too much if the tool you use in cutting hair is mere scissors because you can't fully control the scissors if you do a self haircut. Instead, make sure that you are using hair clippers because it is more defined and effective in trimming your hair. In this way, you can expect the best hair results even if you do it yourself.

What Are the Things to Remember Before Cutting Your Own Hair?

Use Hair Clippers

Like what we have mentioned above, hair clippers' use is very important if you want to cut your hair. This is because hair clippers come with different guard sizes that could help you get the type of hair you want. Most especially during this time where men are more fond of faded haircuts, these things are more difficult to do with scissors. Unlike hair clippers with guard sizes to ensure that each side of your hair is trimmed while the hair on top is still maintained. If you want to learn the different guard sizes and how they look if you use them in your hair, you can check it here

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Hair clippers are more distinct and easy to use more than scissors. Although they can trim your hair until it looks bald, it won't hurt or damage your scalp or skin because each guard size is made to touch your scalp lightly. However, it would be best if you also chose the hair clippers that can be maneuvered perfectly for both expert and newbie at-home haircutting. 

Remember that good hair clippers' qualities include self-sharpening stainless steel blades to ensure that the haircut is quick and precise. It must not be heavy, too, so it is very easy to carry and won't create muscle tension even if you are cutting your own hair. Hair clippers must also come with free accessories that could make self-haircut an easy task to do. 

best hair clippers

You are probably wondering where to get hair clippers with all features and qualities we have mentioned above, no worries, we've got you covered! We have found the best seller of hair clippers for men on Amazon. It comes with a continuance warranty to ensure you 100% purchase satisfaction. 

Wash Your Hair and Dry It Afterwards

The first thing that you need to remember if you want to know how to cut boys hair with clippers is to wash them before anything else. When your hair is washed, your hair is clean and not tangled, so it will be easy for the hair clipper to trim your hair. However, it is not advisable to trim your hair when it's wet because the way your hair looks when it's wet is different when it's dry. 

a man blow drying his hair

So, if you do a self-haircut when it's wet, it may not be the same result that you can expect when it's already dry after washing your hair, wet with a towel, or by using a hairdryer. Only then you can start cutting your own hair with the use of hair clippers. 

Look for the Best Haircut Ideas

You must choose a haircut that compliments your face shape and enhances your physical features. Of course, you can't expect to look good after your self-haircut if you don't get the one that improves your hair and your appearance. The best advice we can give you is that if some haircut doesn't fit others, this doesn't mean that it won't look good on you too because each and everyone has different features. You can also check out the best fade haircuts that fit all and see which one works best for you. 

a boy with his new fade haircut

How to Cut Boys Hair With Clippers

  1. Hair clippers come with different blade guards that are numbered starting from 0. The number will help you determine the length of hair that you want to trim. (For example, if your hair length is not that long and you just want to trim your hair barely, the ideal blade number would be 0. Or if you want to trim your hair totally, the desired numbers should be 4-5.) 
  2. Wash your hair and dry it afterward to make sure that your hair is not tangled.
  3. Add cover around your shoulder using a cloth to avoid trimmed hair from falling directly to your body.
  4. Attach your chosen blade guard and start trimming your hair at the top, then move down, or you can also do it sideways. The most important thing is that you are not missing any areas.
  5. The best method in trimming is to scoop outwards so that the blade will not make any harsh contact with your skin.
  6. If you notice that your hair's length is not balanced, use another blade for blending.
  7. You can also experiment by using different blades for faded hairstyles.


Women would often consider bad hair as a bad hair day, and this saying goes well with men too. Whether you are asking how to cut your hair at home or how to cut boys hair with clippers, the answer falls to the fact that this must be done perfectly with the use of hair clippers. 

Remember that your hair reflects what you are as a person, so if you can do a self-haircut with utmost perfection, nothing else will stop you from managing your hair with or without going to a salon.