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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Clipper Guard Sizes


All men need a haircut at least once a month. There is no exemption regarding this matter because every hair will look dull and lifeless when not trimmed. Getting a haircut must be a big part of your self-care routine. You don’t necessarily need to cut your hair all the way to your scalp, as long as you trim it, it will enhance your appearance. Now, if you are planning on using professional hair clippers, make sure you know the different clipper guard sizes to use because the length of your haircut purely depends on the number you use. 

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Clipper Guard Sizes

Are All Hair Clipper Sizes the Same?

No. Not all the numbers of hair clippers have the same sizes. The number ranges depending on the manufacturer of the hair clipper which is between 0-12. So, if there is a specific hairstyle you have in mind, you must first know the hair guard size that matches the number. Or if you have no idea at all, check the guide below.

How Does Hair Clipper Sizes Work?

Hair clipper sizes are intended to identify the hair length that you want to be left after the trimming.  The best thing to remember is that the bigger the number, the longer the trim will be. For example, if you just want to have a short trim, then do not ask for a hair guard size 5. Another thing is that no matter how close the numbers 4 and 5, there is still a big difference in their length, so make sure that you find the exact number of your haircut.

We understand how frustrating it is to visualize the type of hair trimmer sizes that you will need for the hairstyle that you have in mind. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we have compiled all information and everything you need to know about hair clipper guard sizes. So, before going to the salon or trimming your hair all by yourself, you must first know the hair clipper guard sizes and their length.

What Are the Different Clipper Sizes?

Clipper Guard Number 0

Let’s start with number 0 which is the shortest haircut among all. It doesn’t come with a clipper guard to be attached to the hair clipper because the one used is basically the hair clipper blades alone. When the number 0 haircut is done, you should expect your hair to be totally shaved with just 1.5mm hair length left. 

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Clipper Guard Sizes

Clipper Guard Number 1 

If you want a shaved head that is way longer than a number 0 haircut or around 3mm hair length left, then ask for a number 1 hair clipper guard size. Although it is still considered as a short haircut for men because your scalp will still be shown in this type of hair trimmer, at least it’s not as bald as a totally shaved head hair. 

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Clipper Guard Sizes

Clipper Guard Number 2 

For side faded haircuts, the hair size left is around 4.5mm with the use of clipper guard number 2. For people who don’t like to show their scalp in their new hairstyle, number 2 matches your need because the hair length left is enough to cover your scalp. So, if you’re going to compare it to the first two clipper guards mentioned above, this one will give you a longer haircut. If you just want a faded haircut, just ask the barber to use this hair guard size for both sides of your head.

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Clipper Guard Sizes

Clipper Guard Number 3 

A number 3 haircut is the most used hair guard size among all. It is because this type of haircut is not that long and short with 6mm hair length left. It works best for people who would like to maintain their faded hairstyle because it gives a clean trim to their hair. If hair clipper guard size number 2 is not your ideal length for a faded haircut, you may want to consider number 3 because it is also recommended by most barbers with regards to the faded types of cuts.

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Clipper Guard Sizes

Clipper Guard Number 4 

This hair clipper guard size is not for men who like to have a faded haircut since the hair length of number 4 is around 9mm. It is already the middle type of hair length for men, so there is no way the scalp will be seen. The hair trimmer size is meant for men who like to add a little spice with regards to the cuts and styles that they can do with their hair. This is also a good choice for blending the hair without any faded styles on the sides. 

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Clipper Guard Sizes

Clipper Guard Number 5

The hair trimmer size of number 5 is around 12mm which is already a long hair length for men. This is the ideal clipper guard for people who want to achieve a lot of hair in the middle of their head while the sides are faded with the use of a lower clipper guard size. You can expect your hair to be thick because of its length. Furthermore, you can do a lot of hairstyles with clipper guard number 5 because the amount of hair and its length are enough to style. 

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Clipper Guard Sizes

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Clipper Guard Sizes


What Should You Look for In Hair Clippers?

Aside from the different attachment guards, you should look for rechargeable hair clippers with a cord charger, a cleaning brush, and an empty oil bottle to achieve your desired haircut design. These things must come with the hair clipper for free. If you have to buy them separately, don’t waste your time and money. We have found the best hair clippers with a lot of freebies on Amazon which can be maneuvered perfectly for both expert and newbie at-home hair cutting!

Here are the methods you can follow in using hair clippers if you have to do it at home. 

Steps in Using Hair Clippers at Home

  1. Hair clippers come with different blade guards that are numbered starting from 0. The number will help you determine the length of hair that you want to trim. (For example, if your hair length is not that long and you just want to barely trim your hair, the ideal blade number would be 0. Or if you want to totally trim your hair, the desired numbers should be 4-5.) 
  2. Wash your hair and dry it afterward to make sure that your hair is not tangled.
  3. Add cover around your shoulder using a cloth to avoid trimmed hair from falling directly to your body.
  4. Attach your chosen blade guard and start trimming your hair at the top then move down, or you can also do it sideways. The most important thing is that you are not missing any areas.
  5. The best method in trimming is to scoop outwards so that the blade will not make any harsh contact with your skin.
  6. If you notice that the length of your hair is not balanced, use another blade for blending.
  7. You can also experiment by using different blades for faded hairstyles.


Always remember that hair clipper guard size may differ from different professional hair clipper manufacturers. The ones mentioned above, are the standard size used. Moreover, if you want the most accurate brand that follows the same pattern and sizes presented in this article, then  look for BWEISS Professional Hair Clippers here.

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