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Brand story

A beautiful smile and healthy teeth are what everyone wants to have. There are not always enough opportunities and funds for regular trips to the dentist. And everyone wants to smile easily and openly.

That is why B.WEISS has created a production LINE of technological products for oral care. A personal dentist at home - easy to use, with professional high quality and great effect after the first two weeks of using B.WEISS products.

To create modern, technologically advanced and effective oral care products, maintaining the ratio of premium quality and consumer-friendly prices.
All products that are created at B.WEISS own production are developed with the participation of dentists and periodontists, professional engineers and technologists design models. B.WEISS pays a lot of attention to the creation of modern and ergonomic product design.
After manufacturing, the products go through several stages of laboratory research. B.WEISS products meet the medical requirements and quality standards for such devices.


Quality Assurance Certificate

Our products have met specific standards set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We make sure that our water flossers are free of harmful chemicals and are effective in removing plaque and dental debris. In addition, our products come with a quality assurance certificate to prove it. This certification proves that our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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