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Top 11 Fade Haircuts to Try in 2021


Fade haircuts are one of the most sought haircuts by men because their style gives a sophisticated look to men's appearance. A lot of male celebrities may influence many men with faded haircuts that look good on them. Whether they are veteran actors down to young singers and influencers, they are seen on the big screen, so men are persuaded that fade haircuts fit them too.

What a Fade Haircut Looks Like?

There are many fade haircut styles, and each type differs in looks and way of trimming. The only thing certain is that a faded haircut will give you enough amount of hair on top of your head, while the sides or the front and the back get shorter until it reaches your skin. You can only achieve a fade haircut that is clean and neat if you go to a salon that uses a hair clipper. In this way, there will be no rough spots left because the hair clipper guards can blend the hair length. 

How Much Does a Fade Haircut Cost?

A fade haircut costs around $20-$30, good enough for a decent haircut. If you are looking for a fade haircut below $10, don't even expect to get the haircut style you need. There is a need to spend more if you want better service from beauty professionals. But don't worry because you can flawlessly execute a fade haircut on yourself at home, with just a hair clipper alone. You can learn more about that below.

You have a say as to the type of fade haircut you want. Whether you want it on the sides, on top, mid, or anything you like, there's something right for you. If you are looking for a fade haircut that compliments your facial features, don't look for it from anywhere else because we have compiled the top 11 amazing fade haircuts to try this 2021! Yes, we made sure that your fade haircut is one of the most followed trends of the year, so you are always one step ahead of other men!

What Fade Haircut Should I Get?

Undercut Fade Haircut

First on our list is the undercut fade which is the most popular fade haircuts among all. No wonder it's been the type of haircut sought by many for the past recent years until today. It is a combination of an undercut and fade haircut. The best thing about undercut fade is that it makes your hair short and looks clean all the time. It's styled so that the long hair is on top of your head while the sides and the back are faded with different hair clipper guards. 


undercut fade haircut

One of the famous people who were seen by many with his undercut fade is David Beckham. He was always known for a very distinct hairstyle with longer hair on top while the sides are short. It is still a clean fade that men would love to try on their hair too. Brad Pitt is also seen many times attending different prestigious awards night with his undercut fade. 

Mid Fade Haircut

The mid fade haircut comes next on the list as it's also one of the most famous hairstyles of men no matter what date it is today. This fade haircut is easy to maintain because it only tapered half of your head and starts in the middle and ends either between the temple and the ears. It is a versatile hairstyle for men of all ages. The mid fade haircut is even more popular when it comes with a long beard like the characters often see in movies.  


mid fade haircut

This can be done ideally using a hair clipper because the guard numbers attached are in different sizes to make this mid fade haircut possible. You can also do this by yourself. Just make sure to use a guard size in the middle section of your hair that makes your hair long. And then, the hair must get shorter and fading until it reaches the last section. This type of fade haircut is more noticeable than others. 

Low Fade Haircut

Unlike the mid fade haircut that tapers in the middle section of the head, low fade haircut tapers right at the ear and the neckline. The head's curvature is the one followed concerning the parts that need to be tapered in a low fade haircut. More skin will show with the low fade haircut, but it doesn't mean that your scalp will be seen too. You have to request the barber about the haircut clipper guard size to be used so that your hair will still be long enough to hide your scalp.

low fade haircut

This type of fade haircut is best for men with thick hair because this will highlight the hair's texture. The top of the hair can be styled with a trimmer in different ways because it is long to be in a wavy style or anything you want. This type of hair trimmer for men would surely last for a month, so if you go for the shorter length of your hand, there is a need to have them maintained regularly by a barber or by yourself with the use of hair clippers.

Bald Fade Haircut

The bald fade is more prevalent than the rest during summer because men find it too hard to maintain long hair when the temperature is boiling. It is also the personal choice of well-known artists like Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel. You don't have to be confused between zero fade and bald fade because they are the same. Bald fade no longer requires the use of a clipper guard because you can achieve it by directly using the hair clipper without any attachments.

bald fade haircut

Just remember that if you use this type of fade haircut, your scalp will show. There’s no other way to do a bald fade haircut perfectly but through the use of a hair clipper. Because if you or the barber used other tools aside from hair clippers, the result might not be as clean and smooth as expected. Bald fade will last longer than different fade haircuts, so it doesn’t need much maintenance, making you look fresh than ever. 

Mohawk Fade Haircut

Since the start of the punk era, mohawk has always been popularly used by punk rock artists. And up until today, the mohawk is still very popular but with some twists. Mohawk fade haircut is the new way to flex a mohawk. Usually, a mohawk is just a strip of hair in the middle of the long head, while both sides are shaved. But with a mohawk fade haircut, the shaved sides are given a contemporary style with the fade. 

mohawk fade haircut

This type of fade haircut will make you stand out among other people in the crowd. It’s no wonder because mohawk is such a head-turner type of hairstyle. Mohawk can be styled in many ways like a comb-over, quiff, slick back, or spiked hair. However, this should also be maintained after every month to make sure that its fade is still blended well. 

Temple Fade Haircut

Temple fade is not that famous in line with other hair trimmers for men but it will never be crossed out to the fade haircut list for 2021. This type of hairstyle is simple yet very eye-catching because the fade starts from the temples, down to the ears until the nape. Temple fade is like the ideal haircut for all men, especially for those working in an office since it gives a very decent look. 

temple fade haircut

Temple fade haircut is very stylish for men with curly hair because the thickness and the spiral-shaped of their hair will be highlighted knowing both sides are faded. But this doesn’t mean that it won’t look good to men who have straight blonde hair because temple fade works both ways. You can either ask your barber to create some style by making a half-moon or a simple straight line with the part of the hair that is not faded.

Crew Cut Fade

The famous summer haircut of men called crew cut fade is also part of our fade haircut list for 2021. It started as a crew cut before the fade is added, making the combination more appealing. It is very low maintenance and practical, which men love the most because they do not need to go to a salon every month to have it maintained. Instead of shaving the sides totally, you can use a hair clipper guard size for a fade haircut sideways. 

crew cut fade haircut

Crew cut fade is best for men with thin hair because the remaining hair at the top will look thicker once the sides are faded. Moreover, if you don't want your hairline to be noticeable, you better get a crew cut fade. It doesn't matter if you have an oval, round, or square-shaped face because crew cut fade works for all, so there is no need to worry if it looks good on you or not. 

High Top Fade

Since we have already discussed low and mid fade haircuts, it's time to discuss the high top fade that started its legacy in the 1980s. It's already stated in its name that the top of your head will be long until it gets shorter downwards. It is elegant to look at, to trim your hair; that's why it goes well with men who work in a setting where professionalism is a must. 

high top fade haircut

High-top fade is best for men with locks. After all, it can look clean because it will be in one place once the lower part of your head is faded. You may often see this type of haircut with the RnB singers of the ‘90s like Jodeci and some of the members of Jackson 5 like Michael Jackson. So, if you have the same hairstyle as them, you should pick a high-top fade for your next haircut.

Comb Over Fade

If you want a fade haircut that will make you look classy, you have to ask for a comb-over fade. You will often see this type of fade used by businessmen and even famous artists like Justin Timberlake. No matter what kind of hairstyle you like, comb over fade can make it look more appealing. Your hairline will be highlighted in this type of fade haircut too.

comb over fade

It’s your choice about how short you want the side hair to be using different hair clipper guard sizes; as long as your top hair is long and part, you’re good to go. Although the style seemed old because of sided hair, it is still trendy and one of the most versatile and popular fade haircuts to try this 2021. You don’t have to worry about having a round, square, diamond, or oval because it suits well to shape of your face

Burst Fade

Burst fade is one of the best fades you can try to have a mohawk hairstyle. The fade starts by following the rounded hairline behind the ear and making sure that the hair at the back is long. It doesn’t matter if you like to maintain long or short hair because all types of styles can be used with burst fade.

burst fade

If you have spiky hair, burst fade can also work well because the long hair at the back can give it some spice and style. It is different from drop fade because the type of burst fade is a semi-circle. You can see a burst fade haircut from different NBA players, namely Kyle Kuzma, Jimmy Butler, and many others. 

Drop Fade

This haircut is a fade haircut that tapers low and behind the ear from its name drop fade. If the shape of burst fade is a semi-circle, drop fade, on the other hand, has an arc-shape. So, it gives a more decent look than any other fade haircut today. The drop fade style is that the top hair is long and intact while the sides are tapered. 

drop fade

If you don’t know how to describe drop fade to your barber, you can just say that the hair behind the ear is shorter than the ones in front. Drop face could be a good haircut for people with a beard, most especially if it’s blended using a hair clipper with the same guard size of your choice. 

Having your own hair clipper is very important. It will be the to-go-tool you can use anytime if you want your hair done without going to a barbershop. Moreover, you need to be meticulous in finding the right hair clippers because the best ones come with a cord charger, a cleaning brush, and an empty oil bottle to achieve your desired haircut design. These things must come with the hair clipper for free. 

If you have to buy them separately, don’t waste your time and money. We have found the best hair clippers with a lot of freebies on Amazon, which can be maneuvered perfectly for both expert and newbie at-home haircutting! Check out the basic methods you can follow in using hair clippers if you have to do it at home. 

Steps in Using Hair Clippers at Home

  1. Hair clippers come with different blade guards that are numbered starting from 0. The number will help you determine the length of hair that you want to trim. (For example, if your hair length is not that long and you just want to cut your hair barely, the ideal blade number would be 0. Or if you want to totally trim your hair, the desired numbers should be 4-5.) 
  2. Wash your hair and dry it afterward to make sure that your hair is not tangled.
  3. Add cover around your shoulder using a cloth to avoid trimmed hair from falling directly to your body.
  4. Attach your chosen blade guard and start trimming your hair at the top, then move down, or you can also do it sideways. The most important thing is that you are not missing any areas.
  5. The best trimming method is to scoop outwards so that the blade will not make any harsh contact with your skin.
  6. If you notice that your hair’s length is not balanced, use another blade for blending.
  7. You can also experiment by using different blades for faded hairstyles.


There’s no way for second thoughts if you know for yourself that you have a lot of options to choose from this 2021. Just don’t forget to check out the information about different hair clipper guard sizes that are very beneficial to use for your fade haircut!