What Does Fluoride Do to Your Teeth?
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What Does Fluoride Do to Your Teeth?

You have heard about fluoride toothpaste many times before on TV and on social media sites when the ads for toothpaste are running. You've been aware of its importance to your teeth but do you really have an idea what it does to your teeth?

First and foremost, fluoride is a type of mineral that helps you rebuild your teeth and protects bacteria causing cavities. Due to its importance on everyone's oral health, fluoride can be obtained by drinking tap water from different parts of America. And yes most Americans benefit from this as you may have noticed how strong and white their teeth look compared to others that just used fluoride as a toothpaste and not as water. 

Fluoride treatment is a must for people who want to take good care of their oral health. This is not only limited to children but also to adults as the teeth need more protection as you age. If you're still not switching to fluoride toothpaste, you better read the information we have compiled below!

Why Use Fluoride Toothpaste?

  1. Protect Tooth Enamel

If you want to keep your teeth white as before, you only need fluoride treatment to restore the loss minerals on your tooth enamel. Yes, you've read that ride, you can go back to a whiter teeth after suffering from yellow teeth as long as you use fluoride for remineralization. 

Your enamel starts to wear away due to the acid you get from the food you eat and the drinks too. When this enamel starts to break down, that's when your teeth start to look yellowish and start to be sensitive when eating or drinking something cold. But there's nothing to worry about, as long as there is no plaque or cavity formed it can still be restored so the acids won't have the chance to break down your teeth. 

  1. Cavity and Plaque Prevention

It is entirely not easy to avoid sugar and starches most especially that food nowadays contain both ingredients that damages your teeth. These sugar when not brushed or flossed will feed the bad bacteria in your mouth causing plaque and cavities. However, you can always have your teeth protected with the use of fluoride treatments. 

If you don't use fluoridated water, it is a must to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day. This serves as a prevention so you won't get cavities even if you eat food that are made of sugar and starch. 

  1. Less Vulnerable to Bacteria

Fluoride is antimicrobial so it can kill the bacteria that resides inside your mouth. When the bacteria is gone, there's nothing that can work inside your mouth to create plaque and cavities. The minerals you get from fluoride treatment will make your teeth strong to avoid tooth loss. 

  1. Protects Your Gums

Did you know that if you neglect your teeth, your gums will also suffer? Since your gums are the ones holding your teeth and connected to each other, the bacteria can also attack your gums resulting in gum inflammation or worse, gum disease. But if you use fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash, your gums can gain protection from its antimicrobial properties, killing away those bacteria that may attack your gums.

  1. The Best Way to Protect Teeth

There are a lot of products that claim to stop cavities and make teeth whiter but none of them is as effective as fluoride treatment. Moreover, if you just use fluoridated water, there is no way you will have to spend on other products when you can get your teeth protected for free. 

As mentioned above, there is no way for us to totally cut off the consumption of sugar and acidic food. So, you better stick to a prevention that is not costly and yet very effective for your overall oral health.

  1. No Need for Dental Procedure

Of course if you have clean and healthy teeth, you won't have to go to the dentist most of the time to undergo dental procedures such as fillings, teeth cleanings, tooth extractions, teeth whitening, crowns, root canal and even wearing veneers that are so expensive. 

You just need to make it a habit to use fluoride treatment and you'll have a lifetime warranty of a beautiful set of teeth.

Aside from brushing, it is also very important to floss your teeth because there is food debris stuck in between your teeth because that can't be removed with mere brushing alone. Flossing can be very hard with the use of string floss because it is tedious to control the string so you wont pull it harshly that might lead to gum bleeding. This is the reason why some people skip flossing. 

But there is nothing to worry about now, there is a convenient way to do that. With the use of a water flosser, you just need to turn it on and the water will just flow to clean your teeth thoroughly without any pain and discomfort! 

It is portable too so you can bring it anywhere. Share it with your family too, as one water flosser comes with 4 jet tips for individual use!

Steps in Using Water Flosser

  1. Fill the reservoir with warm water before placing it on the base.
  2. Water flossers come with different tips so choose the one that you favored the most. 
  3. Click the tip into the handle.
  4. Turn on the water flosser and set the control dial too high to let the water flow. (The next time you will use it, you can set the control dial to any type of pressure you want.)
  5. In a sink, you have to lean over so that the water won’t stream down to your clothes.
  6. Place the tip at the gumline and let the water flow to clean each tooth. 
  7. Move it from one gum to another.
  8. Once you have finished flossing your teeth, turn the water flosser off and remove the tip.


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