How to Achieve Healthy Gums 
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How to Achieve Healthy Gums 

Gums are often neglected when we talk about oral health, people are more conscious about how white and aligned those teeth are. Only a few know the importance of having healthy gums that could entirely affect the whole mouth. Even if you brush your teeth daily or you have the best set of teeth in town, you can still get inflamed gums and white gums which are early signs of gum disease

The truth is that if you want a healthy mouth, you should focus more on your gums. Because when these gums are damaged, you are likely to lose your teeth and develop mouth problems such as the bad breath. Gums are even more critical because you barely get to see any damage or problems with them until it starts to go swell.

Moreover, if you fail to take care of your gums, the bacteria caused by gum disease can also affect your immune system, targeting your respiratory system. So, it will not only be critical for your oral health but also for your overall health. 

Why do my gums hurt?

Your gums will hurt if you accidentally brush or floss your teeth harshly. Aside from that, it might also hurt when you eat food that irritates your gums. Most of the time, it can be due to inflammation that might lead to a serious case like gum disease.

So, what should you do in order to avoid inflamed gums and white gums? Check out the important things discussed below!

1. Use Soft Bristle Toothbrush

It is important to use a toothbrush that will not damage your gums because most of these toothbrushes sold in the market today have bristles that are hard and irritating to the gums. Unlike when you use a soft bristle toothbrush that can thoroughly clean your teeth without hurting your gums. You also have to make it a habit of brushing your teeth twice a day or after every meal with fluoride toothpaste

2. Stop Smoking

This has always been the first thing that you should get rid of if you want to have healthy gums. People who smoke are likely to have swollen and dark gums due to the nicotine of the tobacco. It will not only damage your teeth but most importantly your gums because this tobacco will make your gums smooth, resulting in tooth loss. 

As early as now, you need to quit smoking. When neglected, you may suffer periodontitis that can no longer be cured according to in-depth research from PubMed. If that thing won't scare you, we don't know what else will.

3. Use Mouthwash for Gums

Since your main concern is your gums, you need to choose a mouthwash that fights gingivitis or gum disease. These types of mouthwash are meant for gum protection with benefits that reduce bacteria build-up that fights cavities and bad breath. You can easily find one in drug stores and supermarkets near you. 

4. Use Water Flosser than String Floss

In some cases, flossing your teeth with string floss can damage your gums. Most especially if you accidentally pull the floss to clean in between your teeth, it will right away irritate your gums that can sometimes lead to bleeding. With this being said, you need to find an alternative that can help you reach food particles stuck in your teeth that can't be removed by mere brushing. This is where the importance of water flosser to your oral health must be given emphasis. 

Instead of string, the water stream will take charge of removing the food debris, with no pain at all that may irritate the gums too. 

Steps in Using Water Flosser

  1. Fill the reservoir with warm water before placing it on the base.
  2. Water flossers come with different tips so choose the one that you favored the most. 
  3. Click the tip on the handle.
  4. Turn on the water flosser and set the control dial too high to let the water flow. (The next time you will use it, you can set the control dial to any type of pressure you want.)
  5. In a sink, you have to lean over so that the water won’t stream down to your clothes.
  6. Place the tip at the gumline and let the water flow to clean each tooth.
  7. Move it from one gum to another.
  8. Once you have finished flossing your teeth, turn the water flosser off and remove the tip.

Note: Instead of using water, you can also use mouthwash for gingivitis, just make sure to spit out the solution upon flossing. We found the best portable water flosser that you can share with your other family members as it comes with 4 different jet tips, so you can all enjoy healthy gums. 

5. Limit Sugar Intake

Sugar is one of the worst things that feed the bad bacteria in your mouth. No matter how delicious chocolates and other sugary products are, they will only create acid in your mouth that creates plaque and irritates your gum tissues. These bacteria will add up when you tend to forget to brush your teeth after eating too. 

Some of these foods and drinks that you need to have a limited intake of are candies, pastries, desserts, and soda. You don't have to totally cut them off, as long as you know the consequences of consuming too much of them.


All these things and products are very effective in achieving healthy gums. However, there may be times when you will need help from a dental professional. Your dentist can right away tell if you have inflamed gums or white gums and get the advice or treatment that you need to prevent it from worsening. Do not ever skip your dental appointment every 6 months!



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