Home Remedies for Bad Breath You Need to Learn Now!
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Home Remedies for Bad Breath You Need to Learn Now!

It is very essential to have fresh breath because our mouth is one of the most used parts of our body. It is part of our daily life to talk to people, that's why it will be vital to get rid of bad breath. It will be uncomfortable not just for you but for others if your breath smells bad. It will also affect or hinder your way of communicating to other people because you will feel conscious about your breath every time you share a conversation with them.

What Causes Bad Breath?

The main cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene. If you don’t brush and floss your teeth every day, the food particles stuck between your teeth will gather bacteria and create plaque, making your breath stink. Aside from that, people who neglect to scrape their tongue are most likely to have bad breath. Your tongue is where most bacteria reside and removing them from that area will give you a fresh breath. 


bad breath
If you don’t regularly visit a dentist to have your mouth checked and teeth cleaned, that could be a big factor as to why have bad breath. The good news is that there is a halitosis cure and you can actually get rid of bad breath even in just the comfort of your own home! Don’t just seek over-the-counter products because you can also have a bad breath remedy from the materials you have on your kitchen counter!

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath?

Add Probiotics to Your Diet

The top bad breath remedy is to watch over your diet and your daily food intake. Indeed the slogan you are what you eat is correct and something that you need to ponder from now on. Aside from eating fruits and vegetables, it is important to add probiotics to your diet, especially lactobacilli which is present in every yogurt drink. So, instead of drinking soda and other sugary drinks that will only feed the bad bacteria in your mouth to cause bad breath, it is time for you to switch to yogurt drinks. 

eat probiotic foods


According to medical research conducted by health professionals, probiotics are effective in fighting intra-oral halitosis or simply known as bad breath. Instead of buying mouthwash for halitosis cure, we recommend you to buy probiotics instead because mouthwashes do kill bad bacteria in your mouth but so do the good bacteria that is needed to maintain good oral health. Unlike probiotics that only target the harmful bacteria in your mouth and even in your gut.

Use Water Flosser to Clean Your Mouth

If you are familiar with the dental flosser, you probably have an idea of what water flossers do. With the normal flosser, you need to make an extra effort in cleaning your teeth and gums by placing the floss between your teeth and pulling it up and down. This will remove the remaining food particles in your mouth which helps you in bad breath treatment. However, if you have sensitive teeth and gum, the normal flossing might result in gum bleeding. This is not a good sign because bleeding gum will only make your bad breath worse. 

With that being said, it is better to get a water flosser because it is easy to use and will totally clean your teeth to get rid of bad breath.  You should not think twice about getting a water flosser because research results show that water flosser is the most effective dental tool you can use against gingivitis and cavities. Water flossing will go next after you brush your teeth so that your mouth is free of any residue that bad bacteria may feed on. 

If you worry about not getting the best water flosser, don’t worry, we got that job done because we have already found the best seller of rechargeable water flosser. Check out the steps in the video below that you can follow once you have your water flosser with you!

Drink More Water and Tea

People who are fond of drinking water are less likely to have bad breath. Your mouth needs water because if you let it stay dry for hours, that’s the best place for bad bacteria to grow causing the odor in your mouth. Bad breath treatment is easy if you make drinking water your top priority instead of drinking soda that is filled with high sugar content. This home remedy for bad breath may be too simple but most people are having a hard time following this healthy routine.

Drink More Water and Tea

So, if you have bad breath and can’t really stand the blandness of water, it is better to drink teas because they are flavored and very beneficial for your overall health. Teas, specifically green tea is the best tea you can consume because their main target is the bad bacteria (P.gingivalis) which makes your mouth smell terrible. It is better to sacrifice by drinking green tea that you don’t like than to never get rid of bad breath in the long run.

Chew Cloves Instead of Gums

People would often rely on chewing gums in order to obtain fresh breath whenever they feel unconfident as to how their breath smells like while talking to others. It may be a good halitosis cure because chewing gum can stimulate saliva production, however, most gums sold in the market contain sugar that will feed bad bacteria in your mouth. So, make sure to get sugarless gums, if you can’t find one, you better switch to chewing cloves and other mints that will freshen your breath. 

Cloves are produced as oil which is very good for your oral health and you don’t have to make a clove oil to get rid of bad breath. Just wash the cloves and directly chew them like gum to stimulate saliva production as well as kills the bad bacteria inside your mouth. A study conducted by medical experts regarding the antimicrobial activity of clove is proven true and present in the oral cavity. So, there is no room for bad bacteria in your mouth if you chew cloves instead of gums.

Make An Oral Care Routine

All the things presented above will go to waste if you don’t perform the basic oral care routine for bad breath remedies. You must follow a time schedule so that it will be natural for you to do the things you are not used to doing before. We have prepared the oral care checklist below.


brushing teeth 3x a day

After completing the oral care checklist, you can now add either of the bad breath treatment discussed above that you think would work best for you.


There is no single person in the world that likes to smell bad whether it’s in their body or their mouth. That’s why as early as now, you should act on keeping a clean mouth and a fresh breath. It is time to save yourself from humiliation and any health diseases that lie behind bad breath in your mouth!

Just make sure that you don’t have tartar because that is also the #1 cause of unpleasant odor in your mouth. To learn more about how to remove tartar buildup, you can read it here.



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