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Why Is There Nitrile Gloves Shortage All Over the World?


Gloves have always been the most used tool in many industries like health, industrial, energy, utilities, and more. So, it is no longer surprising why there is a shortage of nitrile gloves around the world. But when this happens, how can the operations of different industries progress if they lack a very much needed tool to make everything work?

Why Is There Nitrile Gloves Shortage All Over the World?

Most significantly, for health workers where nitrile gloves are needed every minute of every day for medical and operation purposes, nitrile glove shortage will create a big problem in the health sector. Moreover, since the start of a global pandemic, everyone needs to have their nitrile disposable gloves to avoid any contact from the said COVID-19 virus. This could also be one of the major concerns why nitrile gloves shortage is happening worldwide.

What Are Nitrile Gloves for?

Nitrile gloves are good hand protection against any chemical or toxic substance without the tendency of ripping or wearing out quickly. Most of the things that medical professionals and industrial workers work on are harmful, so nitrile gloves effectively avoid contamination. 

Are Latex Gloves and Nitrile Gloves Different?

Latex gloves have the same feature of protection as nitrile. However, some people are allergic to latex, unlike nitrile gloves that are proven effective without any given side effects. For the record, nitrile gloves are more used in the world than any gloves with the same purpose and features. 

What Are the Causes of Nitrile Gloves Shortage?

Nitrile Gloves Are Widely Used

It is not just hospitals and factories that use nitrile disposable gloves. Even small businesses like salons, tattoo studios, and household helpers used nitrile gloves. So, if the demand is high, the nitrile gloves shortage is not impossible to happen worldwide. Nitrile gloves as the most suitable gloves to use can’t be worn over time or as long you wish. They are labeled disposable for the reason that they need to be disposed of to ensure that the safety it gives you is 100% complete and uncompromised. 

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Aside from health institutions, nitrile gloves are used by the automotive industry because of their resistance to water, grease, and oil that are the top liquids used in the said industry. Chemicals are also the liquid that needs to be avoided, and this can only be done with the use of nitrile gloves that completely protect the hands with their impermeable properties. 

Growing Demand for Gloves Due to Pandemic

Unlike before where gloves can be worn repetitively, the start of COVID-19 unable people to reuse nitrile gloves and are afraid that it may harm their health in the long run. For example, if a person has gone outside and used his nitrile gloves already, he will remove and dispose of the gloves the moment he arrives home. This is a simple practice to ensure that whatever you touch afterward will not be contaminated and brought home.

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Moreover, there are 100+ million people who tested positive for COVID-19, and the health professionals are the ones responsible for taking care of them. With this being said, hospitals need billions of nitrile gloves to cater to the needs of the COVID-19 patients. And because the pandemic is a global concern that needs proper attention, all nitrile gloves are distributed to different health facilities all over the globe, resulting in a nitrile glove shortage. 

Nitrile Gloves Are Non-Toxic

You might be wondering why the non-toxic quality of nitrile gloves is one of the causes of its shortage. This is because people are now wise enough to purchase non-toxic gloves over other gloves that promise to give hand protection but trigger harmful side effects. So, if people aim for nitrile gloves already, the demand is high, but the supply will drop immediately. 

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According to a study conducted by PubMed, nitrile gloves and other types of gloves undergone 3 tests to see which one is non-toxic among all. Luckily, nitrile gloves passed all tests and showed the results that they are non-toxic, therefore, not causing harm to the person using them. 

Small Number of Domestic Manufacturers

Most of the nitrile gloves are imported from across the world because there is only a small number of domestic manufacturers for each country. When the global lockdown was implemented, people are finding it hard to look for nitrile gloves because every border comes with policies that stop the entry of packages from coming in and out of the country. So, no matter how much you want to have your own nitrile gloves, it’s already the government that hinders you from getting one.

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Moreover, the domestic manufacturers of nitrile gloves are not ready to supply all the demands of the consumers. This is because the materials that they need for the production also came from other countries. So, even if there are some manufacturers inside your country, they will still be needing the raw materials from other countries. 

People Taking Advantage of the Situation

While other people are desperately trying to find a tool that protects them against the virus, there are those who are also taking advantage of the situation. People who are business-minded in a very terrible situation find a way to make things worst by not releasing nitrile supply until they can be sold at higher prices. It’s the same as N-95 masks where there are over 3M fraud complaints in North America alone.

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Since the use of nitrile gloves are very much needed, people will have no choice but to buy the overpriced products. However, if you are one of the consumers, we don’t want you to settle for bigger prices when you can buy them at the most affordable price. If the shortage of nitrile gloves is stressing you out, we will save you from any worry by giving you direct access to the manufacturing pioneer of latex-free nitrile gloves on Amazon

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Nitrile gloves bulk order is also available so you will have enough supply whenever and wherever you want. You don’t have to worry about its quality because it ensures high-quality standards to offer incredible stretch, no tearing, or pinching. These nitrile gloves are also non-allergenic and non-irritating so it is the most durable and comfortable nitrile gloves that fit like a second skin!


It is no question that nitrile gloves are very much needed for any professional or even home operations. However, this does not mean that you have to settle for the ones that will lead you to go overboard with your budget and standard. So, don’t forget to reserve yours and have them delivered right to your doorstep whether it’s nitrile gloves bulk order or not by clicking here

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