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The Ultimate Guide To Different Types Of Gloves


The use of gloves is very essential for many especially for people with specific work that are not allowed to use their bare hands for safety purposes. Different types of industries such as agriculture, transport, construction, pharmaceutical, food, and health care industries need hand gloves. These gloves give safety to the users as well as to the people around them because it covers total hand protection that every person needs.

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Why Are Gloves Important?

Gloves are very important to ensure the safety of everyone, may it be at work or right in your own home. Without gloves, many people will be injured and sick because most jobs offered today involve handling hazardous materials and even the risk of any contamination. Most especially during the global pandemic, using gloves will save you from any bacteria and virus causing infection to many. 

Purchasing gloves will not only follow the correct health and safety regulations but also save you from expenses the moment you encounter serious health problems or burns. However, before you purchase hand gloves, you should know first the type of gloves that fits your type and needs. Yes, you’ve read that right! There are different types of gloves to choose from and each glove has a specific feature of protection meant for every work. You can’t use gloves for all type of purposes because its effectiveness matter from one worker to another. For example, the gloves used in laboratories are not the same gloves that you can use in construction. 

What Are Different Types of Gloves?

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are one of the most used latex-free gloves of all-time. Unlike vinyl, nitrile gloves can be used against harmful materials and chemicals because it doesn’t wear out easily. It can give the same protection as latex gloves but it doesn’t trigger any allergic reactions in your hands. Since there is a need for medical workers to use gloves every day that prevents bacteria and viruses from clinging to their hands, they choose latex-free gloves like nitrile over any other gloves. 

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Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic rubber so it doesn’t wear out easily, ensuring 100% safety of ‘t the person using them. You don’t have to be afraid or be worried about the toxicity of nitrile disposable gloves because they were tested and resulted in non-toxic in all 3 tests conducted by medical professionals. 

Out of all the gloves you can get, nitrile lasts longer if stored in a cool dry place. Because it is exposed to direct sunlight where too much heat is present, it will be damaged. The reason why nitrile gloves can be used for any type of work is that it is water, grease, and oil resistant so it can be used anywhere and anytime.  It is impermeable compared to latex material, making them the best choice to protect your hand against any chemicals. 

It is also an ideal glove for home use since there are a lot of errands to do at home like hair coloring, food preparation, painting, cleaning, pet care, home improvement, and as part of your medical kit in case of any emergencies. If you are also an environmentalist or simply a person who cares for the environment, the use of nitrile gloves will not harm the environment unlike latex because nitrile is biodegradable, which means it’s easy to break down. 

Nitrile gloves are everything you need for any professional or even home operations. You can buy the most durable and comfortable nitrile gloves that fit like a second skin on Amazon now!

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are a type of gloves that can be used for cleaning so it fits best for any janitorial jobs. Some industries like food production use vinyl gloves because they are good prevention of contamination, ensuring the safety of the food involved in the process. This type of gloves is not ideal for jobs that require touching hazardous liquids like chemicals because vinyl gloves are manufactured with a low resistance to harmful chemicals. 

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Vinyl gloves are not durable because they have poor resistance to stretch and elongation than other gloves. They are only meant for temporary use as the ones used by health professionals that need to be replaced every after use. Vinyl gloves are widely used because it is way cheaper than other gloves. 

Rubber Gloves

For industries like pharmaceuticals, construction, and agriculture, they need rubber gloves. This type of gloves is meant for hand protection against any chemical use or exposure. For most people who serve as a dishwasher in their chosen job, rubber gloves are the best to use because they protect the hands from the detergent and frequent exposure to water. They also work as a great protection against hot liquids so you can be sure that your hands will not be burned. Rubber gloves have consistently been the most satisfactory raw material for the manufacture of gloves according to a study. 

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The best thing about rubber gloves is that they are washable. So, even if you use them once, you can use them again after they are cleaned. You can wash the rubber gloves while you are still wearing them. You just need soap and then create friction to eliminate the virus, dirt, chemical, or bacteria that clings on the gloves. Rinse the rubber gloves afterward and let them dry before using them again. 

Leather Gloves

The best gloves for the construction industry are leather gloves. They are thick enough to protect the hand against heat, shock, and abrasions that are often experienced by people who are welding, gardening, or working in masonry. The wool present in leather gloves will insulate the heat to keep your hands chill. Moreover, leather gloves are reusable and can be washed with hands and even a washing machine.

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Cotton Gloves

The use of cotton gloves is common for gardeners who need hand protection against abrasions. They work best because as gardeners use the equipment, they need a glove that will ensure that the equipment will not slip away in their hands. Cotton gloves are also used by people with dry hands because as they apply a moisturizer, they also need a glove that will allow the skin to absorb moisture. Most cotton gloves are washable and can be used many times before disposal. You just need to wash cotton gloves and make them look clean, then you can use them again. 

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Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle gloves are a type of safety gloves meant for every rider who wants to experience less hand fatigue even on long rides. If you wear this type of gloves, your hands won’t absorb the vibration that you usually feel when riding. With this being said, no vibration means no chance of your hand to feel numb. Motorcycle gloves are also designed with hard knuckles so it protects your knuckle from severe damage in case of any road accident.

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Winter Gloves

For countries that experience the winter season, it is important for people to secure their own winter gloves. Winter gloves will ensure that your hands will not be freezing due to the cold temperature you have experienced around you. These gloves are safe to use, giving you the protection and comfort that you need most. 

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There are a lot of safety gloves meant for each type of use and now that you know how their different features matter, it’s time for you to decide which one works best for you. However, out of all the gloves mentioned above, if you seek the one which can be used for many types of work or service, you better get Nitrile gloves. 

Interested in finding out the different healthy habits that your kids can follow? Nitrile gloves are also beneficial because they can be used for food preparation to ensure that the food you serve to your children is not contaminated.