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Five Ways To Boost Immune System Fast


Are you wondering why you always get sick even if you didn’t do anything that could make your body weak? Well, it is not just about how tired your body gets because the underlying cause is that you have a weak immune system. When your immune system is weak you will be more prone to viruses and diseases which you can easily obtain from people and things you encounter or made in contact with.

What Is Immune System?

The immune system is composed of cells and proteins that are responsible for protecting your body against any virus causing infection. If you have a strong immune system, you will be healthy because the virus that tries to enter your body will be automatically blocked. For example, once you have experienced chickenpox, even if you acquire the virus that causes it, you will never have chickenpox again because your immune system already has the defenses that will kill the virus. 

Five Ways To Boost Immune System Fast

Why Is It Important to Boost Immune System?

It is important to boost the immune system because it is the only way to fight off bacterial infection. Remember that viruses and bacteria can’t be seen with your naked eye, so there’s no way that you can avoid them from entering your body. It is your immune system that is responsible for keeping your body safe and healthy so there is really a need to boost the immune system.

Most especially during the time of a pandemic where the only thing that can protect you from the enemy is your immune system. It is best to implement precautionary measures than looking for different treatments once you get infected with the virus. So, make sure you know the best immune booster for your overall health by checking the ways listed below!

How to Boost the Immune System Fast? 

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Having enough sleep is the same as eating enough nutritious food for your body. It is normal to have a busy day but good sleep should not be eradicated from your schedule no matter how hectic it gets. The energy level of your body is like a phone’s battery when you’ve used it for how many hours, it needs to be charged in order to be full again. So, if you deprive yourself of getting enough sleep, you are also stopping yourself from boosting your immune system. Your immune system creates infection-fighting molecules when you are sleeping so how will your body react to certain infections if you are awake all the time?

a girl sleeping

In a study conducted by medical professionals, people who are used to sleep deprivation are likely to suffer a common cold than the ones with enough sleep. Therefore, getting enough sleep is an immunity booster that will keep you from getting sick. One of the things that give you a hard time sleeping is the use of cellphones, the blue light emitted will hinder you from having a quality sleep. It is advisable to stop using your phone 30 minutes to 1 hour before bedtime. If you can’t do this because your phone is the last thing you use before you close your eyes, then wear blue-light shield eyeglasses.

Engage in Light Exercises

Some people think that exercising is only for people who like to maintain their body or reduce their weight. This is a misconception that needs to be changed now because exercising is an immunity booster meant for everybody. Exercising involves body movements that help regulate the blood as well as the immunity cells that protect you from different infections. So, if you are used to just sitting and not do anything after work, you are likely to get sick because the immune cells are not well distributed to your body. 

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It is best to perform some exercises early in the morning when the sun is already shining out. It is indicated in a research study that regular exposure to sunlight is the best source for a balanced nutrient supply to maintain an optimal immune defense. There is a need to stay active if you want to boost your immune system but make sure you don’t directly engage yourself in vigorous exercises because doing so will make you sick. 

In case you feel sick so suddenly, make sure you have a digital infrared thermometer with you to check your temperature from time to time. 

Steps In Using Digital Infrared Ear/Forehead Thermometer

  1. Press the “on” button of the thermometer.
  2. Wait for the screen to stop showing temperature.
  3. The moment you hear two consecutive beeps, place the probe into the ear canal or forehead and press “scan”.
  4. Remove the thermometer after you will hear another long beep.
  5. The screen will light up and will show your body temperature.
  6. You can perform the same procedure at least three times if you want. The thermometer will automatically switch off after 60 seconds.
digital infrared thermometer

Doing so will help you identify if you already need medication or call your doctor right away for a proper check-up. If you don’t have one, you can buy the most reliable fever-tracking digital infrared thermometer on Amazon!

Take Some Vitamins to Boost Immune System

Vitamins to boost the immune system are available at the nearest pharmacy but be careful because these vitamins are not packed in one supplement only. A lot of advertisements on television will give you false information about the best immune booster for your body. But the truth is that there is no such supplement that can give you total health benefits because vitamins to boost the immune system comes in many ways like Vitamin C, D, Zinc, and many others. 

Stay Hydrated

Water plays a big role to boost the immune system because it is the one supporting the lymph that carries or transfers the immunity cells all throughout the body to fight viruses. There is a big chance that you are already dehydrated if you are not fond of drinking water. Even when you don't do some activities that leave you sweating, you are still losing fluid by urinating and breathing. It is time to start drinking water and make it a habit to consume 8-9 glasses of water every day. You don’t actually need much water but as soon as you feel thirsty, drink your water right away. 

drinking water

Eat Healthy Food

The nutrients you get from the food you eat are the best immune booster to maintain your overall health. These nutrients will give your immune system enough energy to fight virus-causing infections. So, if your body is not getting enough nutrients, your immune system is also weak. With this being said, you have to add in your diet food full of nutrients like vegetables, fruits, nuts, food rich in protein, yogurt, and more. 

a girl eating healthy food

Avoid Stress

Your mental health is important too if you want to boost your immune system. Stressful situations will consume your energy because your mind and body will react, which in return weakens your immune system. Although stress can’t be avoided, you can somehow learn to control how to respond to it like practicing meditation, yoga, and other mindfulness exercises. Make sure to strengthen your spiritual well-being too because this gives you a better understanding of things.

stressed men


There are no other ways to boost the immune system but only through the given ideas above that are based on different medical studies. It is very important to have a strong immune system especially if you have family travel plans during the COVID-19 breakout. If you are bringing kids with you, make sure you know how to have safe family travel together. You can learn more about that in the next article!