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How to Have A Safe Family Travel with Kids


It is hard to predict whether your travel with toddlers would be fun because they have moods that exceed your expectations as a parent or guardian. Moreover, family travel with kids might give you many worries because kids don’t have a robust immune system like an adult, so there is a need to go to clean and virus-free places. 

How to Have A Safe Family Travel with Kids

Why Family Travel Is Important?

Family travel is essential because it is the only free time that you have nothing else to do aside from making happy memories with your loved ones. It will help you relax from the things that stress you out, may it be at work or school, and give you the chance to improve yourself in socializing with other people. Family travel is also vital for kids so that as early as now, they can finally learn to give importance to quality time with their family.
However, if you are still confused about what to do next in planning your family travel with toddlers, we are here to help you. Check out the tips for your family travel to ensure that everyone enjoys the experiences that await on the road!

What Are the Tips for Family Travel?

Ask Suggestions from Your Kids

This tip applies to parents with children who can already make choices, age three and above. Instead of feeling confused if the children want the place or the activities that trigger their interest, ask them directly about how they think about it. You can do this by showing them a picture of a place or an activity and letting them point out the ones they like best. As you show them the pictures, make sure that you also discuss the things you can do in the exact place.

How to Have A Safe Family Travel with Kids

This is an excellent practice because you allow them to create a scene in their minds that broaden or deepen their knowledge about the things around them. As a parent, you will know if your kids are interested in something by observing their reaction or body movements.  

Make Sure Everyone is Vaccinated

Ensuring that everyone gets a dose of vaccine is best for travel because it protects any bacteria and viruses from entering the body. It is ideal for children and adults since we are currently under the time of a pandemic, and we will never know when this will end. 

How to Have A Safe Family Travel with Kids

It is best to contact your doctor and ask for the vaccines you need for the whole family. Inform him about your plans to travel with a baby because he might give you additional medications beneficial for your travel. Do this at least two weeks before your trip to give your doctor enough time to have all your need catered. 

Choose Destinations Right for Everyone

Aside from your kids' choices with regards to the places they want to travel, you also need to take into consideration the interests of your other family members. For example, if kids want to experience making a snowman, make sure that the place has activities that are meant for adults, like ice skating, snowboarding, ice fishing, and more. Don't forget to find a place to give a comfortable place to sleep and delicious food to try too. In this way, the family travel with kids is meant for kids and everyone you are with. 

How to Have A Safe Family Travel with Kids

Bring Your Own Med Kit

You can't expect your family travel to be perfect because there are things that might happen that you've got no control of. However, you can be prepared to face these challenges if you have your medical kit containing everything you will need in an emergency. It is essential that you bring this with you because your travel experience will only worsen if you don't know what you should do next.

Your medical kit must contain medicines for allergies, pain-killers, and other medications for your health problems. For example, if your kid has asthma, don't forget to include his medicine inside your kit. For minor accidents that no one wishes to happen, it's better to prepare antiseptic, plasters, gloves, and many others. 

And since you are bringing a child, it is better to have a thermometer to check their body temperature from time to time, to see-to-it that they are not feeling ill or anything. It is best to use a digital infrared thermometer because it is handy, and the result can be obtained in just a second. Some digital thermometers can even save up to the last 35 sets of memory recall, which can better track your child's temperature change. You can buy this type of digital infrared thermometer best for the whole family on Amazon. Check out the steps below in using this type of digital thermometer. 

How to Have A Safe Family Travel with Kids

Steps In Using Digital Infrared Ear/Forehead Thermometer

  1. Press the “on” button of the thermometer.
  2. Wait for the screen to stop showing temperature.
  3. The moment you hear two consecutive beeps, place the probe into the ear canal or forehead and press “scan.”
  4. Remove the thermometer after you hear another long beep.
  5. The screen will light up and will show your body temperature.
  6. You can perform the same procedure at least three times if you want. The thermometer will automatically switch off after 60 seconds.

Prepare Travel Documents

You have to follow the rules about family travel with toddlers because everything got stricter since the start of the pandemic. With the series of lockdowns implemented in every city, you have to make sure that you prepare your travel documents ahead of time and don’t forget to bring them with you. It would be best to take a picture or scan the documents to have a spare copy in case of any loss or damage. 

How to Have A Safe Family Travel with Kids

To travel with a baby, you have to bring birth certificates or other documents that will show your child's age because some airlines or places have restrictions or traveling guidelines to be followed regarding children. Remember to bring consent papers if you're bringing a child in your family who travels without her parents. Moreover, get proofs about your vaccinations and other tests that you have undergone with your doctor because they might be checked too, and if you don't have them with you, you'll be paying to run another set of tests.


Once you include kids in your family travel, expect things to be thoroughly planned. Aside from the things mentioned above, don't forget to go extra in keeping up with the kids during the travel and get them entertained, creating happy memories that will forever live in their hearts and mind. 

However, if some family members stay home, ensure their safety by leaving them with a medical kit in case of emergencies. If you'd like to know the reasons why medical kits are very much needed, click here