What Really Occurs When You Stop Wearing Your Retainer
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What Really Occurs When You Stop Wearing Your Retainer


Orthodontic treatment, including the use of retainers, is a significant investment in achieving a beautifully aligned smile. However, once the initial treatment is complete, some individuals may question what happens if they stop wearing their retainer after two years or longer. In this article, we'll explore the potential consequences of discontinuing retainer use, shedding light on why it's crucial to maintain your orthodontic safeguard. Additionally, we'll introduce you to the B. Weiss retainer cleaner tablet, a helpful tool for retainer hygiene.

1. The Purpose of Retainers

Retainers play a vital role in orthodontic treatment. After braces or aligners have successfully moved your teeth into their desired positions, retainers help maintain this alignment. They prevent orthodontic relapse, which is the gradual shifting of teeth back to their original positions.

2. The Two-Year Mark

Two years after completing orthodontic treatment, the risk of relapse remains. Your teeth may still have the tendency to move back, especially if you have not been diligent about wearing your retainer as prescribed.

3. Potential Consequences of Stopping Retainer Wear

If you decide to stop wearing your retainer after two years or more, several potential consequences may occur:

  • Orthodontic Relapse: Without regular retainer use, your teeth may slowly shift out of alignment. This can result in the need for additional orthodontic treatment to correct the relapse.

  • Discomfort and Adjustment: If relapse occurs, you may experience discomfort and the need for further adjustments. This can be both physically and financially taxing.

  • Longer Treatment Duration: Correcting orthodontic relapse often requires more time and effort than maintaining the results with regular retainer wear.

  • Financial Costs: Addressing orthodontic relapse can lead to additional expenses for orthodontic consultations, appliances, and treatments.

4. Maintaining Retainer Wear

To prevent these potential consequences, it's essential to maintain regular retainer wear as prescribed by your orthodontist. This typically involves wearing your retainer full-time initially and then transitioning to nighttime-only wear based on your orthodontist's recommendations.

5. The Importance of Hygiene

In addition to wearing your retainer as prescribed, proper hygiene is crucial. Clean your retainer regularly to prevent the buildup of bacteria and odors. The B. Weiss retainer cleaner tablet is a convenient and effective solution for keeping your retainer fresh and hygienic.


Discontinuing retainer wear after two years or more can lead to orthodontic relapse, discomfort, longer treatment duration, and additional financial costs. To preserve the beautiful alignment achieved through orthodontic treatment, it's crucial to maintain regular retainer use as recommended by your orthodontist.

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