The Most Effective Teeth Cleaning Methods
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The Most Effective Teeth Cleaning Methods

Teeth cleaning is one of the most important parts of your oral hygiene routine. Because if you don't take good care of them, you will lose its natural pearly white shade and might be the main enabler of diseases too such as gum and heart related disease.

You will know if a tooth is healthy when it is white and brighter. Although some people could have yellowish teeth, we know how important it is to keep them white at all times. This is the exact reason why you need to know the most effective teeth cleaning methods that you can just buy and try at home.

What Are the Signs of Unhealthy Teeth?

Yellow or Dark Teeth

For yellowish teeth there is still a chance for you to remineralize it and bring it back to its original shade. However, for dark teeth which indicate cavities you will need help from a dental professional to perform a paste or totally remove the tooth. Since a tooth with cavities might invade your other tooth. 

Loose Teeth

Loose teeth is an indication that your teeth are unhealthy. The reason for this is that the healthy ones will not stand a chance to fall since the tissues or gums holding them are firm. 

Bad Breath

Your mouth will likely smell if you have bad breath. The reason for this is that food might get stuck in between your teeth which feeds the bad bacteria causing foul smelling odors. Bad breath is a sign of an unhealthy tooth thus it needs teeth cleaning. 

Tooth Pain

If you often take pain reliever medications because your tooth hurts every once in a while, that is an indication that you have unhealthy teeth. These are probably caused by bacteria buildup that resides in your mouth due to cavities and other tooth related problems.

If you have any of the unhealthy tooth indications above or you just want to make sure that you're doing the deep cleaning teeth techniques, take note of the methods we will discuss below.

Effective Teeth Cleaning Methods

  1. Use Electric Toothbrush

If there are two things you must not skip in teeth cleaning that is brushing your teeth. You need to do it at least twice a day or every after meal because this is the first step to keep your teeth clean and healthy. If you are tired of brushing your teeth using a manual toothbrush, you can use an electric toothbrush instead that can thoroughly do a deep cleaning teeth method.

Even in one study, electric toothbrushes are found more effective in removing plaque and reducing the risk of gingivitis for both of your mouth and gums. Moreover, the use of an electric toothbrush will not cost you much money because you don't have to buy another manual every 3 months. 

  1. Use A Water Flosser

Yes, you need to invest in deep teeth cleaning devices in order for you to keep your teeth healthy. Flossing your teeth will never be as hard as before with the use of a water flosser instead of the regular string floss. There is actually a risk in using a string floss the moment you accidentally pull harshly the string on your gums, which triggers gum bleeding. It is important that you don't just think of your teeth when cleaning but also your gums because these two go together. 

The best thing about water flossers is that they won't irritate both your teeth and gums at all. With the use of a streaming water your teeth are cleaned thoroughly to remove the food stuck in between your teeth. This is very convenient to use because some water flossers are portable like B. Weiss water flossers that even with just one charge, you can use it for the whole month. It also comes with 4 jet tips so you can share to your whole family with just one device! Here is how you can use them effectively after brushing teeth. 

Steps in Using Water Flosser
  1. Fill the reservoir with warm water before placing it on the base.
  2. Water flossers come with different tips so choose the one that you favored the most. 
  3. Click the tip into the handle.
  4. Turn on the water flosser and set the control dial too high to let the water flow. (The next time you will use it, you can set the control dial to any type of pressure you want.)
  5. In a sink, you have to lean over so that the water won’t stream down to your clothes.
  6. Place the tip at the gumline and let the water flow to clean each tooth. 
  7. Move it from one gum to another.
  8. Once you have finished flossing your teeth, turn the water flosser off and remove the tip.

Note: You can also use a mouthwash instead of a water flosser, just make sure to spit out the solution after flossing your teeth. 

  1. Mouthwash

The best thing about mouthwash is that it will help you remove the bacteria that are not residing on your teeth but also on your tongue, inside cheeks, and on your gums. It kills the bacteria and prevents cavities especially if it contains fluoride. This will be more effective if you use them together with the water flosser. Just make sure to spit them out because they sometimes contain ingredients that are harmful if swallowed. 

  1. Dental Cleaning

Every once in a while, you need to visit your dentist for that dental cleaning. Your dentist will perform teeth cleaning wherein they remove tartar formation and plaque using a scaler. You will know if you have a lot of tartar if it took more time for the dentist to scrape your teeth. 

Although, this is a little bit pricey because this is definitely worth it for instant healthy teeth bringing your white smile. Do not ever hesitate going to your dentists since they are the ones who can check if there is something that needs to be done for your overall oral health



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