Is it Safe to Use Vape if You Have Braces?
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Is it Safe to Use Vape if You Have Braces?

Vaping has gained popularity as an alternative to traditional smoking, but concerns arise when it comes to the safety of vaping while wearing braces. This article explores the risks and considerations associated with using vape devices during orthodontic treatment.

Risks to Braces:

1. Damage to Brackets and Wires:

  • Vape aerosols contain chemicals that can corrode or discolor braces.
  • Heat from vaping devices may compromise the adhesive, leading to loose or detached brackets.

2. Discomfort and Functional Issues:

  • Suction from vaping can create pressure on braces, causing discomfort or pain.
  • Inhaling may interfere with the braces' ability to shift teeth properly.
  • Pressure from vaping can result in broken brackets or bent wires, requiring additional orthodontic visits.

Oral Health Concerns:

1. Dry Mouth and Saliva Reduction:

2. Oral Hygiene Complications:

  • Decreased saliva combined with potential acid erosion from vape aerosols can lead to oral health issues.
  • Individuals with braces already have a higher risk of plaque buildup.

Expert Recommendations:

1. Avoid Vaping:

  • Considering the potential damage to braces and oral health risks, it is generally advised to refrain from vaping while wearing braces.
  • The perceived benefits of vaping do not outweigh the risks associated with orthodontic treatment.

2. Consult Your Orthodontist:

  • Before making any decisions, consult your orthodontist for personalized advice based on your treatment plan and oral health needs.
  • Your orthodontist may recommend alternative nicotine replacement therapies if you are using vaping to quit smoking.


While vaping may appear to be a trendy and safer alternative to smoking, it is not considered safe for individuals with braces. The risks of braces damage, compromised oral health, and interference with orthodontic treatment outweigh the perceived benefits of vaping.

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