Important Things to Do Before and After Braces 
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Important Things to Do Before and After Braces 

The moment you've visited this article is also the same time that you're probably thinking of getting your braces. Yes, we understand that this is the time that you have a lot of questions right before you visit your dentist or orthodontist. That's why we make sure that we prepared all the necessary information you need to discuss during your consultation. 

If you're one of the few people who are shy in getting your braces, that's something that you don't need to be anxious about. Getting braces is a must nowadays because everyone is entitled to get aligned teeth and feel comfortable with their smile. This thing may have been a laughingstock for many, especially for teens but you can expect the best result that you can benefit from for years.  

And getting your braces requires a lot of money and time too, it's no joke. But with the right guide, we'll provide you, you will be able to maintain healthy teeth even before and after your braces.

What to Do Before Braces?

  1. Choose Your Orthodontist

You probably like to get your braces from someone you trusted the most and although there are a lot of orthodontists in town, you can ask the advice or suggestions of your family and friends who have their braces done before.

  1. Teeth Cleaning Session

Before you proceed in getting your braces, your orthodontist has probably discussed that your teeth may be needing some cleaning. This is an important process because you need to get the plaque or stain on your teeth that will not develop overtime while you are wearing your braces. Moreover, it is difficult to clean your teeth once you already have braces so you better get a thorough cleaning now. 

In addition to this, if you have wisdom teeth that need to be removed, you may also undergo tooth extraction as advised by your dentist.

  1. Set Your Budget

When you decide to get your braces, you are well aware that you have to spend much more than you expected. Yes, you can purchase braces at cheaper prices but if you want the best one that aligns your teeth well, you need to get the costly ones. Although you can't really estimate the exact amount that you have to pay, you just need to be mindful about the money that you are willing to spend. 

There are orthodontists that offer different payment options as well as monthly payment, so it is really important to visit them first for a checkup. In case you can't afford the said amount, you can always save your money for next time. Again, do not ever settle for less if you don't want your teeth to suffer in the long run.

  1. Adjust Your Diet

As early as now, you need to prepare yourself and your appetite that there may be some foods that you need to cut off once you have your braces. This will be the hardest part of getting braces because you need to let go of the food that you once loved. Although, you don't need to cut them off totally, you only need to be aware of the consequences of eating too much of these foods.

You can learn more about the food that you can and you can't eat with braces here

What to Do After Braces?

  1. Take Selfies

You need to have proof and see the difference in how your teeth look when you don't have braces and the moment you have to take them off. In this way, you can have a big revelation of how the braces help you achieve a beautiful and straight set of teeth!

  1. Suck On Ice for Relief

It is normal to feel some pain when you have braces most especially when the wires are tight enough to your teeth. In order to feel relieved, suck on small tubes of ice. However, you need to remember that it will be dangerous if you crack the ice using your teeth because the wires or brackets might break. You can also contact your dentist for pain medication just in case you need one after putting on the braces.

  1. Buy A Water Flosser

When you have braces, it is really a different story when we talk about flossing. You can no longer use your traditional string floss because chances are it will just get stuck on the wires and might move the placement of the braces. It can also cause gum bleeding if you harshly pull the string while you have tight wires around your teeth. The only way you could floss for braces is with the use of a water flosser

Instead of the string, the streaming water will clean your teeth so it can remove the food stuck in between your teeth and even under your braces. It is also very convenient that you can finish flossing your teeth in just a few minutes unlike string floss that you need more time and energy to do so. Here is how to use the floss for braces:

Steps in Using Water Flosser
  1. Fill the reservoir with warm water before placing it on the base.
  2. Water flossers come with different tips so choose the one that you favored the most. 
  3. Click the tip into the handle.
  4. Turn on the water flosser and set the control dial too high to let the water flow. (The next time you will use it, you can set the control dial to any type of pressure you want.)
  5. In a sink, you have to lean over so that the water won’t stream down to your clothes.
  6. Place the tip at the gumline and let the water flow to clean each tooth.
  7. Move it from one gum to another.
  8. Once you have finished flossing your teeth, turn the water flosser off and remove the tip.


Getting before and after braces is a long-term commitment, you need to know what to do and allocate time to visit your orthodontist to make sure that the adjustments made are correct. So, if you think you're ready to get one, begin with first step mentioned above now!


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