Can You Safely Consume Beverages with Retainers?
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Can You Safely Consume Beverages with Retainers?


If you're wondering about safely consuming beverages with retainers, the cleaner you choose matters. Opt for a persulfate-free retainer cleaner for effective cleaning without potential issues. Traditional cleaners with persulfate may pose challenges when consuming beverages. Choosing a persulfate-free option is a simple way to ensure cleanliness and promote the safe enjoyment of beverages while wearing retainers.

In this article, we'll explore this topic to help you make informed choices while protecting your retainer investment.

Is it Safe to Consume Beverages with Retainers On?

To answer this question effectively, let's break down the key points:

Pros of Consuming Beverages with Retainers:

  1. Hydration: You can stay hydrated by sipping water with your retainers on. This is especially helpful if you wear them for extended periods.

  2. Convenience: Enjoying a coffee or a soft drink while wearing retainers can be convenient, sparing you the need for frequent removal.

Cons of Consuming Beverages with Retainers:

  1. Staining: Colored beverages like coffee, tea, or red wine can potentially stain your retainer over time.

  2. Cleaning Challenges: Sugar-containing or sticky beverages can leave residue on your retainer, making it harder to clean.

Water: A Safe Bet

When it comes to beverages, water is undoubtedly the safest option to consume with your retainers. It won't stain or harm your retainer, and it helps keep you hydrated. However, if you must indulge in other beverages, exercise caution.

Tips for Safely Consuming Non-Water Beverages with Retainers:

  1. Choose Clear and Non-Staining Drinks: Opt for clear or light-colored beverages that are less likely to stain your retainer.

  2. Limit Sugary and Acidic Drinks: Sugary and acidic beverages can damage your teeth and retainer. Consume them sparingly.

  3. Rinse and Clean Promptly: After consuming any beverage other than water, rinse your mouth and clean your retainer thoroughly to prevent residue buildup.

  4. Remove for Some Drinks: For extremely hot or cold beverages, it's often best to remove your retainer to avoid any damage or discomfort.


In summary, it's generally safe to consume beverages while wearing retainers, but you should exercise caution. Water is your safest bet, while colored or sugary drinks may pose risks to your retainer's appearance and cleanliness.

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