Are Retainers Free After Braces?
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Are Retainers Free After Braces?


After completing the journey of orthodontic treatment with braces, many individuals wonder if retainers are provided free of charge. In this article, we'll explore whether retainers are typically included in the cost of braces or if they are an additional expense. We'll also shed light on factors that may affect the pricing of retainers. Plus, we'll introduce you to the B. Weiss water flosser, a valuable addition to your oral care routine.

1. The Purpose of Retainers

Retainers play a crucial role in orthodontic treatment. They help maintain the alignment of your teeth after the braces have been removed. Without retainers, there is a risk of orthodontic relapse, where your teeth gradually shift back to their original positions.

2. Are Retainers Provided for Free?

In most cases, retainers are not provided free of charge as part of the braces treatment. The cost of retainers is typically separate from the cost of braces, and it's important to budget for this expense.

3. Types of Retainers

There are various types of retainers available, including removable retainers and permanent (bonded) retainers. Each type comes with its own set of costs.

4. Removable Retainers

Removable retainers are typically less expensive than permanent retainers. They can be taken out for cleaning and are usually replaced every few years. The cost of removable retainers varies depending on factors like the type of material used and the complexity of the case.

5. Permanent (Bonded) Retainers

Permanent retainers are bonded to the back of your teeth and are not visible when you smile. While they offer the advantage of continuous retention, they are generally more expensive upfront and may require occasional maintenance.

6. Factors That Affect the Cost of Retainers

Several factors can influence the cost of retainers, including:

  • Orthodontic Practice: The pricing of retainers can vary between different orthodontic practices. It's advisable to obtain quotes from your orthodontist.

  • Type of Retainer: As mentioned earlier, the type of retainer you choose will impact the cost. Permanent retainers tend to be more expensive.

  • Geographic Location: The cost of dental and orthodontic services can vary by location. Urban areas may have higher prices than rural areas.

  • Insurance Coverage: Some dental insurance plans may cover a portion of the cost of retainers, reducing your out-of-pocket expenses. Check your insurance policy for details.


In most cases, retainers are not provided free of charge after braces. They are a separate expense that individuals should budget for when undergoing orthodontic treatment. The cost of retainers can vary based on factors such as the type of retainer, orthodontic practice, location, and insurance coverage.

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